UOB YOLO Card with new Terms effective 2020

To be eligible for the Cash Back, Cardmembers are required to satisfy the two (2) criteria as follows:

a) Perform a minimum of five (5) transactions every month (“TotalNumber of Transactions”) using the Card (which should either include an Online Spend, Dining Spend, and/or Contactless Spend). The Minimum Number of Transactions is tracked based on the transaction authorization date captured by UOBM’s system for that respective calendar month.

b) The minimum spend for each of the Total Number of Transactions shall be RM15.

UOB YOLO card will now award a maximum 5% cashback on three categories: Online, Dining, and a new Contactless category. Cashback will be capped at RM30 per month.

More importantly, the revision will negate multiple transactions made on the same day, to the same merchant. If the cardholder makes multiple transactions to the same merchant on the same day, only the highest spend transaction will be taken into computation for cashback – and the total transaction count will be one regardless of actual transactions made to that merchant on that day.

However, UOB will increase the monthly cashback pool for the Yolo card, from RM120,000 currently to RM160,000 moving forward. Note that cashback is awarded on a first come, first served basis to cardholders that fulfils the cashback requirements. Well, for the whole population in Malaysia, RM 160k seems rather LESS…

Please find below link for full term and conditions starting 1st Jan 2020


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Before 1st Jan 2020


Currently, cardholders need to perform a certain number of transactions with the card to unlock 5% (8-15 transactions) or 8% (more than 16 transactions) cashback, and each transaction must be a minimum RM10.

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