Standard Chartered presents the Liverpool FC Cashback credit card

Revision of Credit Card features discussion

Petrol and insurance transactions are not applicable for cashback, but count towards the retail spend amount. This criteria remains, talk about Essentials Expenditure, Ummmh….

The minimum spend in order to get cash back is reduced from RM 500 to any amount, sounds good only. In order to get 2% rebate the minimum spend has been set to RM 1,000.

For those who aims RM 50 rebate big spender, the MOQ has been set to RM 2,000 another bad news.

The most exciting change will be TOP UP for ewallet counts for cash back, in other words, we know we can earn the cash back merely just topping up Ewallet, even if we are not using it immediately. :> 

Revision of Credit Card features effective 1st Jan 2020

Now, earn cashback from the first swipe on your Standard Chartered Liverpool FC Cashback credit card.

Please note that effective 1 January 2020, the cashback benefit will be revised as follows:



Until 31st 2019
Example ( Until 31st 2019 )

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