Grab + Prestomall = Save Petrol

Grab is having promotion with Prestomall so you and i can save on Petrol, wao!!

Start using Grab and be rewarded, use referall code GRABQQZYSQBX for extra rewards!

i) Open Grab and look for Prestomall, click shop Now

ii) You will be redirect to Prestomall, look for Petronas E-Voucher, it ONLY COST RM 20 for RM 30 worth Petrol, that is RM 10 saving

iii) make sure you select eWallet for the payment, then choose Grabpay

iv) Complete the payment using Grabpay

v) Go to Petronas station, open Prestomall app, click into the details of your purchase,

vi) Redeem your purchase at Petronas counter, SOME of the staffs may not know how to operate this, i have faced once, i then tried the next Petronas, basically if they are unable to scan, click i am unable to scan and redeem, they will then key in their respective Petronas station code and redeem. Finally you can claim your rewards! Happy reading and share to others at FB, thanks :>

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